Do you want, love or live food? - We all know this thought “What am I going to eat tonight!?” - Find it hard planning supper with friends? - Perhaps you are traveling and you want to taste the culture - Maybe you are an food fanatic and want to ( off) or taste everyone's cooking skill - You just want some food? - This is the app for you!

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Foody Foodster is somewhat the Airbnb of food. This app lets you host and join dinners. Do you want to share your cooking abilities or are you an food fanatic then this is the app for you. Here you can host a dinner or sell food you have made. You can join dinners hosted by hobby or professional chefs, people that just love to cook. Are you looking for something creative something you haven’t tasted before or are you just hungry, then use this app to find your next meal.

Host or join

Do you want to share your cooking abilities, are you a food fanatic or do you just want food? Then is this the app for you. Here you can host dinners and let others enjoy your cooking skills or you could join dinners hosted by others #backtobasic.


This app is the travel food tool. Do you like tasting the culture of your travel destinations? then is this the app to have a fun night out, meeting new people and experiencing a whole new way of getting and eating food.

Pickup or delivery

Don’t want to host or join, but still want to share your cooking abilities, taste everyone’s cooking skills or you just want food? Then you can choose delivery or pickup.

Foody Foodster

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